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About Lusso Car Care Products:

Lusso has spent thousands of man hours, and the resources of some of the top experts in the wax and paint technology to bring to market the best carnauba wax based protection system available today.

Lusso builds their wax out of the finest raw materials available with one goal in mind, to produce the finest automotive wax. Lusso Oro is truly gold luxury to use. This is a hand crafted premium wax. Lusso has found the right combination of three montan waxes and carnauba wax from Brazil. Each raw material was chosen for the specific properties it would bring to the formula. Lusso also found a special resin which no one else uses in their formulas. It helps the wax adhere to the paint on your car.

Once you use Lusso Oro you will see the difference. Your paint's color will have a shine and depth like it never had before.

Lusso Oro is a handcrafted blend of four different waxes, each one integral to the formula. We start with #1 Brazilian Carnauba, which is super refined for the best clarity, then we add two different Montan waxes imported from Germany and a micro-crystaline wax refined here in the United States. We also use a unique resin to help the wax bond to the painted surface. A special oil system keeps the wax in suspension, without drying or setting up too quickly. This lets you work the wax into the paint, without the panic of trying to remove the excess wax in a hurry. These four waxes blend to create a fabric of wax, stronger than any one wax alone, which gives Lusso Oro the protection and depth of shine unlike any other wax.

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