Lusso Revitalizing Creme

Revitalizing Creme

Lusso Revitalizing Creme is a non abrasive, oil based treatment for automotive paint which will remove old wax, tar, dead paint, and minor or hair line scratches. This product combines light cleaning to remove old wax, residue, oxidized or "dead" paint and reveal a new luxurious finish. This product also smooths the painted surface and prepares it for the wax coat.

Lusso Revitalizing Creme will give your paint that deep shine. Use before waxing any painted surface. The more time you spend working with the Revitalizing Creme, the better your car is going to look when finished.

The 8 oz container is $11.95
Should cover an average size vehicle twice.

The half gallon professional size is only $79.00

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