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How to Use Lusso Products

Washing the car with LUSSO AUTO BATHE

The first step in proper car care is washing the car.

LUSSO AUTO BATHE is a non-phosphate, pH balacned shampoo concentrate. One ounce will provide enough soapy water (one gallon), to wash your entire car. Remember to use warm water, NOT hot.

Start by hosing the car off with cold water.

Wash the car from the roof down. Be sure to rinse your wash towel or mitt in fresh water often, so as not to carry the dirt and create new scratches.

Towel the car dry before water spts have a chance to set. We recommend 100% cotton towelling fo the absorber®, a readily available synthetic sponge.

Move the car into a shaded area before proceeding

Pre-Cleaning the Car with LUSSO REVITALIZING CREME

We developed LUSSO REVITALIZING CREME, a pre-cleaner which contains no harsh abrasives, which can be applied by hand or terry towel and is safe to use with any machine. We recommend an orbital type buffer.

This product combines light cleaning to remove old wax, residue, oxidized or "dead" paint and reveal a new luxurious finish. This product also smooths the painted surface and prepares it for the wax coat.

Cover an area no larger than your reach. Apply directly to the surface when applying by hand. Light rubbing action with a cotton towel will reveal a lustrous finish. Buff off with a clean towel using light dusting motions.

For stubborn stains, tar, and light surface scratches, reapply and let the product remain wet on the desired area. This will allow it time to break the barrier and get under the stain or tar, making it easier to remove.

Re-application of LUSSO REVITALIZING CREME will greatly reduce scratches.

Applying LUSSO ORO

Using either an applicator pad or the bare palms of your had, apply LUSSO ORO onto the paint. When using the palms of your hands, your own body heat helps to melt the carnauba. a foam applicator should be clean and uncontaminated. Apply as a thin film. It doesn't take a lot of wax. As with the pre-cleaning, work in an area you can cover without moving your feet. LUSSSO ORO will setup in half a minute but any excess wax will not harden. Remove the excess wax with light dusting motions using a clean cotton towel.

Do not rub hard. You will immediately notice the lustrous shine. Continue until the whole car is complete. On a really warm day, you may want to hose the car down again with cold water. This will ensure that the wax is setup and will revmove any residual powder.

Towell dry. Remember to use back and forth, not a circular motion whcih can create swirl marks. The beading action will make drying the car less of a chore. The wax protection should now last several months.

You may wish to apply LUSSO ORO more often to the hood. Engine heat contributes to wax loss as well as wind and dust. The hood of the car takes the leading brunt against the wind. It also seems to be the part of the car we notice first when looking for shine.


We recommend LUSSO GLASS POLISH for cleaning the windshield and glass.

This product contains no ammonia which can stain leather interior trim and it is safe for all tinted window films.

The concentrate should be mixed with one part cleaner and ten parts clean water.

For a brand new car, we suggest using a stronger mixture with three parts water.